Professional Training Department of the World Ju-Jitsu Corporation for police, military and security agency

civiliansSTS professional self defense training for civilians is developed in seven different levels, the first of which is Basic.

The Training

The courses are military-style and intensive.  Each lesson begins with a very fast and energetic warm-up.

Close combat techniques are the same as for Police and Military, except that specific techniques such as handcuffing or sentry disarm can be taught only to professionals.

Courses are organized as packages of hours.

A contract is required for the participants that commit themselves to attending the lessons, while we guarantee the training.

We expect extreme participant commitment and sacrifice to reach the set goals.

STS qualified instructors will stimulate and motivate them.

security-agenciesBy Security Agencies, we mean all agencies that deal with security, those providing services such as body guards or armored transport as well as those investigative and guarding agencies.

The Training

STS offers them a “Full” training package that teaches them to become adept in high level professional self defense, blocking techniques, perimetral prevention, handcuffing, gun and knife disarming and multiple attack defense.

policeFull Police Training” is an STS course for policemen.

We offer professional training in all those techniques that policemen need to master in order to be able to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

The training

The training is divided into two levels which include self defense techniques, arrest and handcuffing techniques, blocking and control techniques and knife and gun disarming.

Such techniques are crucial for professionals to successfully face the many, dangerous situations in which they find themselves.

We are also prepared to organize personalized training paths for police departments that have certain needs and requirements, by offering improvement classes focused on specific techniques.

military-corpsThe STS department of the WJJC organizes very high level, supplementary close combat training for Military and their Special Corps.

The Training

The course is called “Full Military Training”, it is made up of two levels and includes close combat techniques, sentry disarming, gun disarming, rifle assault disarming, professional use of the military dagger, armed and disarmed rolling breakfalls and prisoner blocking techniques.

If a unit should wish to deepen its knowledge and better its performance of a specific technique, we will organize personalized courses that best accomplish this.

professional-coursesSTS courses are intensive and highly professional

We expect commitment on the part of the student so that he may learn effectively and reach the set goals.

The STS police course, for instance, besides urban self defense techniques, includes handcuffing, blocking, control and restraint techniques, professional use of the police tonfa and police stick, knife and gun disarming, as well as psychological training that focuses on the emotional and tactical aspects of arrests or assaults.

The STS courses for military, are focused on close combat, sentry disarm, professional use of military dagger, hostage blocking techniques, gun and assault rifle disarm. Security agencies receive STS training in urban self defense courses, blocking and disarming techniques, in-depth analyses of how to manage emotions during an assault.

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